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The decoration of a room "must appeal to and attract the mentality of the occupant, so that the mind is unconsciously set at rest in the room, and a sensation of satisfaction and pleasure is experienced.”

The New York School of Interior Decoration, on The Theory of Decoration, 1921

New Construction & Renovation and Remodeling Projects

Design Drawings 

  • ​Space Planning

  • ​Elevations

  • Details

Design Renderings

Design Development

  • Selection and Specification of all Interior Details (including hard surfaces, plumbing fixtures, lighting, wall treatments)

  • Preparation of Budgets

  • Purchasing and Installation

Construction Administration

  • Finish Schedules

  • Periodic Site Visits

  • Meetings with Architects, Contractors, and Subcontractors

  • Shop Drawing Review

  • Punch Lists

Interior Decoration

Furniture Plans

Custom Furniture Design and Production

Custom Window Treatments

Interior Styling


Turnkey Installation

Design of Sacred Spaces

Meditation / Contemplation Rooms

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