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The decoration of a room "must appeal to and attract the mentality of the occupant, so that the mind is unconsciously set at rest in the room, and a sensation of satisfaction and pleasure is experienced.”

The New York School of Interior Decoration, on The Theory of Decoration, 1921

Brooke Gardner believes that your environment should reflect the best of who you are, and she has dedicated herself to creating beautiful spaces representative of this philosophy. She designs rooms where sophistication and comfort blend seamlessly, and believes the experience of the design process should be as rewarding as the final result.


While never trendy, her work is always stylish and she believes a room is well designed when it just feels right. She strives to create spaces that embody the character of the client, reflecting their personality and lifestyle, while never compromising quality or the integrity of the design process.  She is inspired by the couturier’s philosophy of quiet restraint and impeccable attention to detail. 


Design is often intuitive, but it is also based on a set of principles.  Brooke received a degree in Interior Architecture from Woodbury University, and went to work for Marc Appleton at his prestigious firm Appleton & Associates, Inc. In her five years working with Marc, while she was originally a modernist at heart, she learned to love traditional design and today is equally comfortable working in both styles. She is currently an active member of The Institute of Classical Art and Architecture and is a founding member and former Board member of the Southern California Chapter. Her firm provides full service interior design, from plans for major renovations to decoration of rooms.  


Brooke's cultivated eye, versatility, and intuitive instincts guide her as she continues her pursuit to create elegantly appointed interiors for her clients in the United States and abroad.

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